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Omega Yeast

Omega Yeast produces fresh, high quality and pitch-ready liquid yeast for brewers: craft yeast for craft beer. We're a dedicated crew located in Chicago and St. Louis—a handful of microbiologists, homebrewers, professional brew staff and craft beer fans who have made it our express purpose to make brewers’ lives easier by delivering innovations and insight in brewing science through a focus on yeast and fermentation.

Fresh yeast means shorter lag times and vigorous, consistent, and complete fermentations. That’s why we don’t start propping until you order, and why we time your pitch to ship just before your planned brew day. Our custom-propping methods make our yeast the freshest, healthiest, and most reliable available. We innovate with new, unique, and never-before-seen strains that help your beer stand out, and expertly prop the strains you’re used to using already.

We prop every Saccharomyces strain fresh in only seven days, Bretts in ten. Because we prop fresh, you will never experience increased lead times for “out of stock” strains. All of our strains are available year-round in any quantity.

See unique strains and blends in our online strain catalog. Don’t miss the “compares to” column for classic strains you know by another name (downloadable PDF on our website, under probrew resources).

New, unique and Never-before-seen strains that deliver helpful brewing advantages

Expertly propagated classic strains

Custom-propped and timed to arrive fresh for shorter lag times and healthier fermentations


  • Strain Catalog and Price Chart >>> (don't miss the "compares to" column in our strain catalog for classic strains you know by another name).


  • Recipes featuring some of our favorite strains >>>

  • Announcing Lutra™: Shockingly clean kveik, great for lager-like beer without lager lead times. >>>

  • Propper Seltzer™ nutrient makes hard seltzer fast and easy. >>>


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