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Digital Advertising Opportunities

We no longer print a physical Conference Program but there are still ways to get your brand in front of Conference attendees. There are a myriad of display screens throughout the interior of the venue and a large screen visible to those passing by the exterior of the venue. 

Digital Advertising Options

  • Exterior (15x25’ above venue entrance): $1000

  • Interior: Conference hours $600

  • Interior: After hours $400

* Ads will run Thursday & Friday.

Ad Submission

  • Ad submission deadline: Friday, January 19, 2024

  • Submit final ads through the online form.

  • Advertisers will be invoiced through MembershipWorks and have the ability to pay via ACH or credit card.

  • Advertisers are responsible for producing, editing, proofing and submitting ads.

  • Please direct any questions about advertising to

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