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Fronhofer Design is a mechanical design firm specializing in quality-first, user-centric, customizable equipment with a focus on the craft beverage industry. With a full line of brewhouses, cellaring tanks, and our fully automated 801SW canning line and depalletizer, Fronhofer Design has all of your equipment and facility design needs covered.

We design, manufacture, and fabricate all of our equipment in house, right in Upstate New York using only quality materials; and we pride ourselves on providing you with the highest level of customer service throughout the entire process. There's nothing like being able to get one of the designers of your system on the phone any time you need and our local NYS customers reap the benefit of in person visits on short notice.

Cheers to being NYS Made!


NYS Based Manufacturer, Sales and Customer Service Teams- Always available for you

Patented, Fully Automated, Weigh While Filling 801SW Canning Line

From 1 bbl Up We Design and Build Custom Brewing Systems for Every Size Brewery


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3 bbl Traveler, Robust Pilot System or Turn-Key Entry Brewing System

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Fully Automated 30 bbl Brewing System



Sales Team

(518) 223-0944

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