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Since 1845, Hopsteiner has led the industry as a preferred global hops supplier, connecting brewers with the choicest hops and hop products available. From innovative hop products designed to enhance flavor, aroma, consistency, and flexibility for brewing and beyond to a unique range of proprietary hop varieties, Hopsteiner has been there for breweries of all sizes.

As a vertically integrated hop supplier, Hopsteiner grows, breeds, processes, and trades the highest quality hops as a true farm to pint supplier. Beyond the farm, Hopsteiner’s capabilities include on-site quality assurance, hop pelletization, hop extraction, hop breeding, distribution, and cold storage management.

Quality hops and hop products from a true farm to pint supplier

Buy, track, and manage your hop inventory all from the comfort of your home with our online portal

We work with breweries of all sizes, offering Spot Hop sales and contracting options


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