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Founded in 2016 by former Google leaders, Boulder, CO based Arryved, Inc. is a point-of-service based software company specializing in the craft food and beverage service industry: breweries, brewpubs, pizzerias, cideries, entertainment venues, distilleries, wineries, and non-brewery taprooms. In four short years we’ve grown from being an idea on a taproom coaster, to a revered platform serving hundreds of thriving businesses. We’re a team of tech geeks with relentless passion for, and extensive experience in, the craft beverage industry as both employees and consumers. Our goal is simple: deliver a flexible, reliable, team-centric platform that puts service first in every way. Remove the archaic Point of Sale terminal and integrate a mobile POS with contactless payments and ordering, ecommerce, state of the art data and reporting, and excellent customer support with simple, reliable pricing. For more information visit

Mobile, Flexible, Customizable POS

Contactless Payments & Ordering

Simple, Reliable Pricing for an All-in-One Tool


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Mike Student

(721) 441-4863

Rachel Kesley

(721) 441-4863

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